Dropdown Categories — Use Labels

Dropdown Categories — Use Labels

With BlogrCart Blogger e-commerce inspired templates, users can create & auto update Label widgets by assigning the underscore sign before typing in the widget Label title. Below is an example:-

At Blogger Layout > click Add Widget link >  select Blogger Labels widget. At Labels widget pop over > add an underscore ( _ ) before the title text.

Show or hide a group of labels by clicking the Selected Labels radio button and Edit the Selected Labels to be Shown section. Click Done once labels to show have been selected.

Display post counts by selecting the checkbox for Show number of posts per label.

Sort labels in alphabetical or random order by selecting the Display radio button.

Always make sure to select the List radio button for Display.

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More text & images can be added here. Images entered outside image data table (above) will not group. Before publishing, use Labels to categorize your product pages. For enhanced search results, add meta description at Search Description on the right.

To remove/not display comments tick/select Don't Allow under the Options > Reader Comments link.

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